The Shape of Veronica

Book 1 | | Voidships | Coming of age, Erotica, Love story, Slice of life | Alternate History, Steampunk | Light

It wasn't love that made her parents try to force her to conform, nor was it love when they abandoned her as a hopeless case, and a stain on the family name. Now she lives alone in a house full of servants, never to see the world.

But when, on her eighteenth birthday, she accidentally reveals herself to the undergardener, she takes the first tentative steps towards love through a journey of sexual awakening that knows no bounds.

But as she settles into her private exploration of sensual pleasure with the few people she learns to trust, the outside world forces itself into hers, threatening to destroy the only enjoyment she has come to know.

A classic new tale of erotica set in a past that never was, written with unrestrained sensuality and delightful wit.

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This name is a pseudonym for an author of smut who lives in a part of England that has big hills, some of which are right outside the door. This author is not actually purple.

Other members of the household, apart from the humans, include an incredibly needy cat.