• Steve Turnbull

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    When he's not sitting at his computer building websites for national institutions and international companies, USA Today bestselling author Steve Turnbull can be found sitting at his computer building new worlds of steampunk, science fiction and fantasy.

    Technically Steve was born a cockney but after five years he was moved out from London to the suburbs where he grew up and he talks posh now. He's been a voracious reader of science fiction and fantasy since his early years, but it was poet Laurie Lee's autobiography "Cider with Rosie" (picked up because he was bored in Maths) that taught him the beauty of language and spurred him into becoming a writer, aged 15. He spent twenty years editing and writing for computer magazines while writing poetry on the side.

    Nowadays he writes screenplays (TV and features), prose and computer programs.

  • Pam Turnbull

    Pam Turnbull is a dedicated lover of history (having a university degree in the subject), and a dedicated reader of historical mystery books.

    She has been a librarian, worked in a bookshop, organised book events, spent many years as an editor of computer and education magazines until she finally decided to become a teacher which she has been doing for the last sixteen years.

    She lives in the North-West of England with her husband, dog, cat, lizards and giant snails - and grown-up children who always seem to come back. Not that she minds.

    Pam has always told stories, often improvised, but she finally decided to use her knowledge of history and her skill with words to weave tales in the genre she loves to read.

  • Stephanie Bull

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    The author of this book lives in a part of England that has big hills, some of which are right outside the door.

    Other members of the household, apart from the humans, include an incredibly needy Russian Blue cat and a hyper-active Rhodesian Ridgeback dog. The dog likes the cat, but the cat does not like the dog. It seems the cat fails to realise his neediness could be satisfied by the dog if only he would allow it. The rest of the menagerie consists of even less pleasing creatures including lizards and snails. Very big snails.

    There are also children, who refuse to leave home despite having been old enough to do so for some time. Despite all these burdens, or perhaps because of them, the author escapes into other worlds and returns with stories.