Outlaw Dragon

Book 2 | | Patterner's World | Action, Adventure | Fantasy, Second world | Gritty

As a runaway slave, Kantees isn't safe anywhere but the need to find out who'd pursuing her, and why, drives her back to her first master.

But when he is unable to give her the answers she needs, and with death at every turn, she has to take what she can and get out.

As her dragon carries her beyond the realms of what she has ever known, her lack of understanding brings her face-to-face with the true power of her enemies. Once more she has to risk everything to keep the promises she wished she had not made.

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When he's not sitting at his computer building websites for national institutions and international companies, USA Today Bestselling author Steve Turnbull can be found sitting at his computer building new worlds of steampunk, science fiction and fantasy.