Dragon of Earth

Book 1 | | Patterner's World | Action, Adventure | Fantasy, Second world | Dark, Gritty

Miralees Fornata is an acrobat and juggler with her family troupe in a travelling circus.

Her life has been simple enough until she stumbles on her family secrets. Trying to be a good daughter means she doesn't refuse when they ask her to do something that puts her life--and theirs at risk.

Suddenly lies and deception become her way of life and she is thrown into a world she does not belong. And where the lives of people beyond her family become more important than even her own.

"You don't understand, I'm an acrobat not a hero."

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When he's not sitting at his computer building websites for national institutions and international companies, USA Today Bestselling author Steve Turnbull can be found sitting at his computer building new worlds of steampunk, science fiction and fantasy.