The Catterick Races

Book 1 | | Voidships | Erotica, Slice of life | Alternate History, Steampunk | Light

When her parents' amorous behaviour pushes her out of the private box high above the Catterick race track, bi-sexual Winifred finds that her inflamed passions have to be satisfied.

Luckily there are staff available.

There are two sides to Winifred Churchill, to the public she is an up-and-coming "investigating journalist", but in her private life she just loves sex, and she's doesn't mind if her partners are male or female. Victorian's didn't hate sex, they loved it in all its forms.

These books take place in an alternative Victorian timeline.

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This name is a pseudonym for an author of smut who lives in a part of England that has big hills, some of which are right outside the door. This author is not actually purple.

Other members of the household, apart from the humans, include an incredibly needy cat.