Broken Vows

Book 8 | | Voidships | Action, Love story | Historical, Steampunk | Gritty

BARBARA FLYNN's only skills are embroidery and being snob, and living in Victorian India that all she needs. But when she and her nagging mother find themselves in the middle of a terrible siege without even a change of clothes with the threat of painful death on all sides, she must fight for their survival.

Lieutenant ANGUS FERGUSON, the only survivor from a Scottish regiment, has only one duty: keeping the civilians alive in desperate circumstances. The last thing he needs is the complication of a woman that he cares for.

In a place where death could strike at any moment, and a time when physical love is forbidden: Passion should be the furthest thing from anyone's mind.

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When he's not sitting at his computer building websites for national institutions and international companies, USA Today Bestselling author Steve Turnbull can be found sitting at his computer building new worlds of steampunk, science fiction and fantasy.