Christmas at Blenheim

Winifred's fallen for one of the servants - but how to get them into bed?
Written by Stephanie Bull (see all books)
Christmas at Blenheim cover


Christmas with family, even if they are one of the richest in the Empire, can be a very dull affair but when one of the servant's catches Winifred's eye, she'll do anything to get them into bed.

But things are not as simple as they seem - both of them have duties that must be performed. perhaps Winifred will get lucky...


There are two sides to Winifred Churchill, to the public she is an up-and-coming "investigating journalist", but in her private life she just loves sex, and she's doesn't mind if her partners are male or female. Victorian's didn't hate sex, they loved it in all its forms.

These books take place in an alternative Victorian timeline.

Part of the Voidships story world
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