The Taste of Veronica

VERONICA expected to grow old alone, but the world had other plans.
Written by Stephanie Bull (see all books)
The Taste of Veronica cover

Born a hunchback and disowned by her parents Veronica had lived an isolated life, but a chance happening introduced her to a world of sensuality.

As she discovered herself and made connections with the people around her, she found herself used as currency in an arranged marriage to a local lordling.

Although the marriage is unwanted, it also brings new power and responsibilities. Her inexperience makes her unsure of whether she can be what she must be in order to survive and, as the wedding approaches, she must test herself to the limits both physically and mentally even as she makes astonishing discoveries about her inheritance.

Can she possibly win out against her increasingly complex life--and maintain her relationships?

The second part of a new classic tale of erotica set in a past that never was, written with unrestrained sensuality and delightful wit. Contains adult situations.

The Veronica's Life series (Book 2)
Part of the Voidships story world
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