Prophecy will sacrifice anyone, even a child.
Written by Steve Turnbull (see all books)
PP1 Elona cover

Ten-year-old Lady Elona of Faerholme finds herself the target of a prophecy that predicts she will defeat an invading army. But that’s impossible: she's just a girl!

Her betrothal to a Prince solves the paradox: she can produce an heir to fight the prophesied war.

But prophesy turns to conspiracy, and after six years manoeuvring by political enemies, with Elona's behaviour becoming increasingly erratic, her carefully planned future shatters into a waking nightmare of horror.

What hope can there be for Faerholme when the one prophesied to save it is in chains? And what hope for Elona herself?

The Patterner's Path series (Book 1.1)
Part of the Patterner's World story world
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