The Taliesin Affair

Boarding school can be hell - sometimes it can be MURDER
Written by Steve Turnbull (see all books)
The Taliesin Affair cover

So far from her home in India, Maliha Anderson did not enjoy life in her British boarding school, but discovering the school bully murdered certainly made it more interesting.

And when the police chose the wrong person as the most likely suspect, Maliha decides to investigate and reveal the true culprit.

But, as the bodies mount up, the murder becomes a plot, and the plot becomes a conspiracy aimed at the heart of the British Empire.

When Maliha herself comes under suspicion, she realises her only chance lies in a dangerous gambit that risks the lives of herself and the people she's come to know.

The Maliha Anderson series (Book 0)
Part of the Voidships story world
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