Maliha Anderson: Books 1-3

1908. A gruesome death. An airship full of suspects.
Written by Steve Turnbull (see all books)
Maliha Anderson: Books 1-3 Cover

Maliha Anderson prefers to be alone, even on the long journey back to India. Unfortunately one of her fellow passengers is a murderer.

She should stay out of the death of the General's nurse, but Maliha cannot leave a mystery alone. Besides, there is no one else on the vessel qualified to investigate, though she's the only person who knows that.

Defying her need for isolation, she negotiates prejudice and unwanted personal attentions as she struggles to find the perpetrator. She might die in the attempt but perhaps that's what she wants.

The Maliha Anderson series (Book 1)
Part of the Voidships story world
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