Harry Takes Off: Books 1-3

1896. Trouble in Zanzibar? The Edgbaston Sisters to the rescue.
Written by Steve Turnbull (see all books)
Harry Takes Off Omnibus

Harriet and Khuwelsa are teenage sisters and they love flying over the grasslands in their flying machine: The Pegasus. But East Africa is a cauldron of political tensions as the global empires of Britain and Germany vie for control.

When the sisters stumble into the middle of a German military build-up, they are taken prisoner to prevent them revealing the truth to the British. To prevent a war they must escape their captors and warn their father in Zanzibar - but even if they succeed who will believe a couple of teenage girls?

To stop the invasion they must put their own lives on the line against Zeppelins and war planes, in a completely unarmed vessel.

In the best traditions of derring-do these three non-stop Iron Pegasus stories (Harry Takes Off, Harry in the Wild and Harry Gets Her Wings) will keep you on the edge of your seat in a rollercoaster ride of Action and Adventure.

You haven't lived unless you've ridden the Iron Pegasus.

The Iron Pegasus series (Book 1)
Part of the Voidships story world
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