The Patterner's Path series

  • PP1 Elona cover
    Prophecy will sacrifice anyone, even a child.
    Patterner's Path series, book 1.1

    Ten-year-old Lady Elona of Faerholme finds herself the target of a prophecy that predicts she will defeat an invading army. But that’s impossible: she's just a girl!

    Her betrothal to a Prince solves the paradox: she can produce an heir to fight the prophesied war.

    But prophesy turns to conspiracy, and after six years manoeuvring by political enemies, with Elona's behaviour becoming increasingly erratic, her carefully planned future shatters into a waking nightmare of horror.

    What hope can there be for Faerholme when the one prophesied to save it is in chains? And what hope for Elona herself?

  • Jaymis cover
    Prophecy does not care who you are.
    Patterner's Path series, book 1.2

    Life at Corlain Castle has not improved for Elona since her return, and when Jaymis suggests they go on a Grand Tour, she agrees just to get away.

    Together, she and Jaymis seek some sort of peace, but powerful and ancient forces are rising.

    But their arrival in Mirriasmia sparks a series of events that shows Elona's previous adventure was not just a one-off.

    Soon it becomes impossible to tell friend from foe...

  • Chara cover
    Prophecy does not care what you do.
    Patterner's Path series, book 3

    Elona's pyrrhic victory at the Fastness is soon overwhelmed by new troubles when she discovers the secrets of the Slissac are about to be revealed.

    And without Jaymis's support she's now alone in a world that doesn't understand the danger it's in.

    Then the Dunor attack and everything goes to pieces.

  • Kisharuk cover
    In the end, all prophecy is a lie.
    Patterner's Path series, book 4

    Only one solution remains for Elona, despite her desire to run away from it all. She must find the creature that has destroyed her life and wants to wipe out her people, and confront it.

    Whatever the cost to her own life.