Steve Turnbull's books

  • Harry Takes Off Omnibus
    1896. Trouble in Zanzibar? The Edgbaston Sisters to the rescue.

    Harriet and Khuwelsa are teenage sisters and they love flying over the grasslands in their flying machine: The Pegasus. But East Africa is a cauldron of political tensions as the global empires of Britain and Germany vie for control.

    When the sisters stumble into the middle of a German military build-up, they are taken prisoner to prevent them revealing the truth to the British. To prevent a war they must escape their captors and warn their father in Zanzibar - but even if they succeed who will believe a couple of teenage girls?

    To stop the invasion they must put their own lives on the line against Zeppelins and war planes, in a completely unarmed vessel.

    In the best traditions of derring-do these three non-stop Iron Pegasus stories (Harry Takes Off, Harry in the Wild and Harry Gets Her Wings) will keep you on the edge of your seat in a rollercoaster ride of Action and Adventure.

    You haven't lived unless you've ridden the Iron Pegasus.

  • Under the Burning Clouds cover
    Death is chasing Maliha Anderson and it's catching up.

    Time is running out and the man who has turned out to be her nemesis has created an impossible situation to kill everyone she knows one by one.

    How can she possibly defeat a man with so much power he can make an honest man kill. With deaths piling up around her Maliha can only rely on her wits and her diminishing friends to help her on an unforgiving and unknown world.

  • Harry Gets Her Wings cover
    When revenge is sweet

    Harry and Sellie are at home when the building comes crashing down around them. With their father kidnapped they are in a race against time to catch the man who has ruined their home and stolen away their father.

  • Frozen Beauty: Dr Morbury's Cargo cover
    An airship off-course. A creeping horror. And a crew losing their marbles.

    Having finally made it to Ceylon, Captain Qi and the motley crew of the Frozen Beauty pick up a simple job: carrying Dr Morbury, a botanist, and his cargo up the coast to Bombay. Nothing could be simpler.

    But the trip turns into a nightmare as one by one the crew succumb to a strange disease. Until only the youngest member of the crew, Fanning, is left in his (or her) right mind.


  • Harry in the Wild cover
    1896 in a world where airships fill the skies. But the hippos are dying.

    In East Africa, sisters Harriet and Khuwelsa Edgbaston set off in their steam-powered ornithopter on the trail of butchered hippopotamuses and their stolen teeth.

    They are lead across the Serengeti in an adventure that more dangerous than any they've encountered before.

  • Thunder Over the Grass cover
    Missing babies in Johannesburg, and nobody cares.

    Maliha Anderson and her entourage travel to South Africa to return Riette's baby to the father's family on what should be a simple mission of mercy. But they are soon embroiled in race politics and something even darker: Children are disappearing but no one cares because they are black.

    In a battle against a vast subversive power Maliha discovers the worst horrors that man can commit, and struggles to bring the true perpetrators to justice. But what can one woman do?

  • Harry Takes Off cover
    Two sisters. One ornithopter. The African Savannah. And one Army.

    It's 1896. Harriet (Harry) Edgbaston and her sister Khuwelsa enjoy their life flitting around the grasslands of East Africa in the ornithopter her father bought for her.

    But on a trip to see Lieutenant Schmidt of the German Army they become mixed up in what looks like becoming a major war. Escaping from captivity they must try to warn their father in Zanzibar - but who will believe a couple of teenage girls?

  • Frozen Beauty: Ladies' Day cover
    With a crew this motley, what could possibly go wrong?

    Why are things never simple?

    Captain Qi Zang and her crew are on their way from Delhi to Kerala when their ice cargo ship is brought down in a storm. And then the local army mistake them for bandits.

  • Wind in the East cover
    Home is never where your heart is

    Maliha Anderson returns to her family in French-owned Pondicherry, and it's worse than she expects. Her grandmother is trying to marry her off but that's nothing compared the suicide of an unknown woman in front of a family wedding party. Or that her rejected lover has returned unexpectedly.

    Maliha refuses to allow the woman's death to be brushed under the carpet but her investigations bring her to a very dark place. Slavery, sexual violence and taboo relationships guide her to a devastating revelation that might destroy her family.


  • Journey into Space, 1874 cover
    They were the first into the void ... weren't they?

    When the Royal Navy launch their first modified Sea Eagle air-plane into the Void they believe they are the first to make the attempt. When the crew discover that assumption is wrong their adventure turns into a fight for their lives in the most hostile of environments.