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Murder out of the Blue

Murder out of the Blue

1908. A gruesome death on board the Sky Liner RMS Macedonia exposes the clash of class, secrets and sexuality in upper class Edwardian society.

On her journey home Maliha Anderson, Anglo-Indian daughter of a Scottish engineer and a Brahmin scholar, hopes to make peace with her past, her future and what she sees in the mirror every day - until the nurse of wheelchair-bound General Makepeace-Flynn is murdered.

The General declares his innocence and Maliha is the only one to believe his story. With landfall in India only hours away Maliha must find the real murderer before the culprit can escape, even though doing so puts her own life at risk.


Murder out of the Blue (Kindle)

Release date: 
Sun, 1 Dec 2013

General Kindle edition.

Murder out of the Blue (Paperback)

Release date: 
Sun, 8 Dec 2013

CreateSpace edition