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Steve Turnbull's KYMIERA optioned for TV

Steve Turnbull's KYMIERA optioned for TV

We are delighted to announce that Steve Turnbull's epic dystopian adventure KYMIERA (due for release on Nov 7th) has already been optioned for TV production by B7Media.

Kymiera is a coming-of- age story set in post-apocalyptic world where the fear of genetic corruption allows totalitarian control of society. Reviewers have described the novel as an: “Allegory of our times, combining the prescience and storytelling of John Wyndham with the pace and visual imagination of Joss Whedon.”

Andrew Mark Sewell, B7’s Executive Producer says: “I’ve long been an admirer of Steve Turnbull’s writing; he’s a prodigious talent who’s really tapped into the teenage psyche to deliver a thought-provoking near-future thriller.”

USA Today bestselling author, Steve Turnbull, says: “Having put so much of myself into such a complex story, I was delighted when B7 agreed to pick it up. Kymiera is a very complex story and it needs a production company that understand how to bring stories like this to fruition. Kymiera couldn’t be in safer hands.”

Leading the series development for B7 Media is veteran script editor and writer whose numerous credits include EastEnders, Byker Grove and the BBC action-adventure series Bugs. Colin Brake says: “As a lifelong fan of the genre and a lover of powerful writing wherever I find it, I’m delighted to be working with B7 and Steve to realise Kymiera as a bold and exciting television drama series. Together we will bring Steve’s unique dystopian vision to the screen with passion, intelligence and heart – a truly original 21st century thriller.”

While the wheels of production may run slow, KYMIERA the book is available for purchase right now at all leading online outlets

The 1000-page paperback can be ordered from any bookstore using the ISBN: 978-1-910342-71-8

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