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Newsletter launched (with free story)

Newsletter launched (with free story)

In order to keep you up-to-date the Voidships website has launched a newsletter which goes out every two weeks, this contains an informal introduction from Steve Turnbull and could be about almost anything - though most likely related to Steampunk in some way - information about forthcoming releases.

Most importantly it also contains a link for mailing list subscribers to a completely free serialised story based in the Voidships steampunk universe during the same period as the Maliha Anderson stories.

It is the early years of the 20th century when the British Empire ruled both the skies and the void.

A crew of misfits from across the globe struggle for survival aboard the Chinese-built ice cargo ship, Frozen Beauty, as they travel through the Far East, evading secret societies, mad science and government agents out to get them.

Captain Qi Zang holds her ragged crew together as they try to make a life worth living along the crumbling edges of civilisation.

To get access just subscribe to the mailing list.