Murder out of the Blue

A gruesome death. An airship full of suspects.
Written by Steve Turnbull (see all books)
Murder out of the Blue cover

Maliha Anderson, a brilliant and fiercely independent Anglo-Indian, is on her way home to make peace with her past and future. When the nurse of a wheelchair-bound General turns up dead, the accusations begin to fly as fast as the Sky Liner RMS Macedonia zips across the clouds. Unlike the baffled authorities, Maliha believes the General is innocent, and so the mystery begins.

With landfall just hours away, Maliha must find the true murderer before the culprit escapes, even if it means putting herself in grave danger.

Murder out of the Blue is the first installment in the Maliha Anderson steampunk murder mystery series which includes unforeseen twists, vivid descriptions, intriguing characters, and crisp, elegant prose. A homage to Agatha Christie in an alternative Edwardian setting.

The Maliha Anderson series (Book 1.1)
Part of the Voidships story world
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