The Other stories series

  • Journey into Space, 1874 cover
    They were the first into the void ... weren't they?
    Other stories series, book

    When the Royal Navy launch their first modified Sea Eagle air-plane into the Void they believe they are the first to make the attempt. When the crew discover that assumption is wrong their adventure turns into a fight for their lives in the most hostile of environments.

  • Broken Vows cover
    All's fair in war - and love
    Other stories series, book 0

    BARBARA FLYNN's only skills are embroidery and being a snob, and living in Victorian India that all she needs. But when she and her nagging mother find themselves in the middle of a terrible siege without even a change of clothes with the threat of painful death on all sides, she must fight for their survival. 

    Lieutenant ANGUS FERGUSON, the only survivor from a Scotsman regiment, has only one duty: keeping the civilians alive in desperate circumstances. The last thing he needs is the complication of a woman that he cares for.

    In a place where death could strike at any moment, and a time when physical love is forbidden: Passion should be the furthest thing from anyone's mind.