The Maliha Anderson series

Fantastic crime fiction set in a past that never was.

  • The Taliesin Affair cover
    Boarding school can be hell - sometimes it can be MURDER
    Maliha Anderson series, book 0

    So far from her home in India, Maliha Anderson did not enjoy life in her British boarding school, but discovering the school bully murdered certainly made it more interesting.

    And when the police chose the wrong person as the most likely suspect, Maliha decides to investigate and reveal the true culprit.

    But, as the bodies mount up, the murder becomes a plot, and the plot becomes a conspiracy aimed at the heart of the British Empire.

    When Maliha herself comes under suspicion, she realises her only chance lies in a dangerous gambit that risks the lives of herself and the people she's come to know.

  • Maliha Anderson: Books 1-3 Cover
    1908. A gruesome death. An airship full of suspects.
    Maliha Anderson series, book 1

    Maliha Anderson prefers to be alone, even on the long journey back to India. Unfortunately one of her fellow passengers is a murderer.

    She should stay out of the death of the General's nurse, but Maliha cannot leave a mystery alone. Besides, there is no one else on the vessel qualified to investigate, though she's the only person who knows that.

    Defying her need for isolation, she negotiates prejudice and unwanted personal attentions as she struggles to find the perpetrator. She might die in the attempt but perhaps that's what she wants.

  • Murder out of the Blue cover
    A gruesome death. An airship full of suspects.
    Maliha Anderson series, book 1.1 (included in Maliha Anderson: Books 1-3)

    Maliha Anderson, a brilliant and fiercely independent Anglo-Indian, is on her way home to make peace with her past and future. When the nurse of a wheelchair-bound General turns up dead, the accusations begin to fly as fast as the Sky Liner RMS Macedonia zips across the clouds. Unlike the baffled authorities, Maliha believes the General is innocent, and so the mystery begins.

    With landfall just hours away, Maliha must find the true murderer before the culprit escapes, even if it means putting herself in grave danger.

    Murder out of the Blue is the first installment in the Maliha Anderson steampunk murder mystery series which includes unforeseen twists, vivid descriptions, intriguing characters, and crisp, elegant prose. A homage to Agatha Christie in an alternative Edwardian setting.

  • Blood Sky at Night cover
    She might ignore the living, but she can't ignore the dead
    Maliha Anderson series, book 1.2 (included in Maliha Anderson: Books 1-3)

    1908. Ceylon. The British Empire tightens its grip on the world. Attempting to deal with questions of race and identity Maliha Anderson is faced with a murder that brings her face to face with her past. And it's a murder that's interwoven with international politics, that even she may not be able to solve.


  • Halo Round the Moon cover
    Pneumatic trains, steampunk air-planes, karmic sex and bloody murder in 1908 India.
    Maliha Anderson series, book 1.3 (included in Maliha Anderson: Books 1-3)

    When the heir to an industrial empire suffers a fatal accident, Maliha Anderson is called in to determine whether darker forces are at work.

    What she discovers goes deeper than any crime she's ever investigated. She is forced into intimate contact with the suppressed passions of post-Victorian society and goes far beyond the bounds of what's proper and decent, to bring the murderer to justice.

  • Lure of the Riptide cover
    1908. In a corner of India, a murderer stalks.
    Maliha Anderson series, book 1.5

    Having returned to the place of her birth to take part in the death rituals for her mother, Maliha Anderson is confronted with a crime that will be unavenged unless she does something about it.

    But as she digs into the circumstances of the death she faces greed, lust and intense prejudice in a cultural clash between East and West. The question is, how far must she go to bring the true culprit to justice?

  • Wind in the East cover
    Home is never where your heart is
    Maliha Anderson series, book 4

    Maliha Anderson returns to her family in French-owned Pondicherry, and it's worse than she expects. Her grandmother is trying to marry her off but that's nothing compared the suicide of an unknown woman in front of a family wedding party. Or that her rejected lover has returned unexpectedly.

    Maliha refuses to allow the woman's death to be brushed under the carpet but her investigations bring her to a very dark place. Slavery, sexual violence and taboo relationships guide her to a devastating revelation that might destroy her family.


  • Thunder Over the Grass cover
    Missing babies in Johannesburg, and nobody cares.
    Maliha Anderson series, book 5

    Maliha Anderson and her entourage travel to South Africa to return Riette's baby to the father's family on what should be a simple mission of mercy. But they are soon embroiled in race politics and something even darker: Children are disappearing but no one cares because they are black.

    In a battle against a vast subversive power Maliha discovers the worst horrors that man can commit, and struggles to bring the true perpetrators to justice. But what can one woman do?

  • Under the Burning Clouds cover
    Death is chasing Maliha Anderson and it's catching up.
    Maliha Anderson series, book 6

    Time is running out and the man who has turned out to be her nemesis has created an impossible situation to kill everyone she knows one by one.

    How can she possibly defeat a man with so much power he can make an honest man kill. With deaths piling up around her Maliha can only rely on her wits and her diminishing friends to help her on an unforgiving and unknown world.